Dedicated to singing and performing a wide range of music. 

An Adult Community Choir in Squamish, BC


Established 1994





The Choir has been purchasing music for many years and has an interesting collection of music that  is drawn on by our Music Director / Conductor. 

New music is purchased annually and we also borrow music so that our performances can be enriched with new pieces that support our concert themes. 

There is a Christmas Repertoire and General Repertoire listing for your interest.  Parts of our music repertoire may be borrowed for a nominal fee.  Contact Veronica McPhee for details.  

Please click here for a listing of General Repertoire

Please click here for a listing of Christmas Repertoire 

Posters of our concerts over the years give a wonderful glimpse into the type of music we sing.  Veronica McPhee, Choir Conductor and Artistic Director chooses the music and decides on themes.