Dedicated to singing and performing a wide range of music. 

An Adult Community Choir in Squamish, BC


Established 1994




If you are interested in singing we hope you will be a part of the Sea to Sky Singers.  This website is intended to give current and future choir members information about the Sea to Sky Singers and to give our audiences a sense of who we are. 

The choir has two terms.  The fall term has music about the festivities of December and the Christmas season, and the music tends to be more traditional.  The spring term music is typically more contemporary.

For the fall term of 2015 we are meeting at Squamish Academy of Music, also known as SAM.  Located at 38121 - 2nd Ave.

In the first three weeks of each term you can come to the rehearsals to see if you want to join.  You may also contact Veronica McPhee ( or find more detail here. 


Rehearsals for the Fall 2015 term will begin Tuesday, September 8.  At the Squamish Academy of Music or SAM. 

38121- 2nd  Avenue.  Downtown Squamish.   

Time:  7:00 - 9:00 

Doors open at 6:45 for registration and social.

We are looking for an Assistant Music Director.

  This position is perfect for someone who believes in sharing their musical talents with community.  

Click here to download flyer with details