Dedicated to singing and performing a wide range of music. 

An Adult Community Choir in Squamish, BC


Established 1994




Member Notices and Dates:


If you are planning on joining the Sea to Sky Singers, here are some dates that you should be aware of.  Watch this space for up to date information that might affect rehearsals and performances dates.


If you are a Facebook user you might also join the Sea to Sky Singers Closed Group.  Send a Friend request to Sea to Sky Singers or speak to someone on the Executive to learn more.


General Items:


The doors of the rehearsal space are open at 6:45 for arrival on rehearsal nights.  Please arrive and do your socializing prior to the start of rehearsal.  There is also a short 10-15 minute break where you can get caught up with each other. 


You will be assigned a music number.  Check your numbered hanging folder each week to see if there is new music.


Please try and help with the clean up after coffee breaks.  Our social convenors appreciate that many hands make work light. 


Choir members contribute to social time by bringing either drinks or treats.  On the Term Calendar that will be given, you will see your music number on an assigned date. This is when you bring either juice or other treat.


Respect the other groups using the Squamish Academy of Music at the same time as us.  




Tuesday, January 17, 2017.  Spring term begins.

We participate in the BC Choral Raffle.  Tickets will be available for sale in April.  Contributing to the Choir's fundraising efforts is encouraged for all members.  If you have any trouble being responsible for selling a book of tickets (10) please talk to someone in the Executive.

Squamish Music Festival.  The Choir performs in the festival which is usually in April.  Dates to be confirmed.