Dedicated to singing and performing a wide range of music. 

An Adult Community Choir in Squamish, BC


Established 1994




The Choir often gets asked the following questions.  Click here to download more detail about things you should know about joining and singing in our Choir.  


We rehearse at the Squamish Academy of Music.  The Address is:  38121 2 Avenue and they are located in downtown Squamish.  There is ample street parking

In the past the Choir has in the past sung at St. John's Anglican Church.  Does this mean it is a church choir?   The Choir is a community choir.  We now use St. John's Anglican Church primarily for our concerts.  But when we rehearsed at the Church, it was because there is a beautiful Steinway piano that belongs to Howe Sound Performing Arts Society. The Church has fantastic acoustics and the congregation is very committed to supporting community endeavours.  We pay a rental fee to the Church for our time. 

I am not confident about my singing abilities but like singing.  How good do I need to be?  The Choir is composed of people who have wide ranging singing abilities.  The love of singing and a committment to learning is key.

Can I miss rehearsals?  The Choir needs all its members to work together to achieve our musical goals.  It it important that attendance at rehearsals be considered priority to participation with the choir, but yes, occassionally rehearsals have to be missed due to illness or situations that cannot be avoided. 

Do I need to audition?  There is a voice placement conducted by our Choir Conductor.  This is not an audtion.

What if I don't read music?  Many people in the Choir do not read music.

Can I bring my children to rehearsal?  Children are NOT allowed in the rehearsal space.  There might be options available from time to time but these need to be discussed and decided on individually with you.  Please talk to the Choir Conductor. 

The fee is a hardship for me.  Can I stil l still join?  Please speak with the Choir Conductor to see if a plan can be confidently arranged for you.